Guardian Angels Quality Training Courses

Guardian Angels Training are a specialist provider of quality training courses to organisations and individuals across the UK. We deliver mandatory and specialist training to ensure your organisation is compliant with current legislation and standards.

Guardian Angels Training offer over 300 quality face-to-face or blended training courses so rest assured that we will be able to manage all of your training needs under one umbrella. We operate a price promise for equivalent courses and aim to beat any current quote. So contact us today to see what we can offer you.

We currently offer externally accredited quality training courses in the following key areas:

Quality Training

Guardian Angels Training are a specialist national training provider with years of experience in providing high quality and cost effective training to private, not for profit and statutory organisations. We have a genuine understanding of the needs and requirements of businesses and prefer to deliver “bespoke” quality training courses to ensure we meet all of your training needs within your budget.

Guardian Angels Training deliver courses around the UK using our expert trainers at a place and time convenient for you.

Value For Money

We truly understand budget limitations and we do not believe training services are a cash cow to be milked, but are a vital element of organisational development. We provide training courses of the highest quality which offer true value for money and will add a real benefit to any organisation. The prices we quote are the prices you pay; there are no hidden charges or additional costs, and all of our training courses are competitively priced.

Increased Profits

A well trained workforce results in high quality service delivery, an increase in staff retention, lower staff turnover, lower sickness rates and compliance with regulations. All of which result in increased profitability by increasing business and being better and more efficient than your competitors.

Consultancy Services – Risk Assessments and Compliance Audits

Guardian Angels Training offer the UK’s leading Health & Safety and Care Compliance Consultants to our customers in the UK. Our consultancy services ensure that you and your organisation remain legally compliant. Our staff are nationally recognised by all major accrediting bodies and are well qualified to offer you the legal guidance, or whatever your requirements. Services include: Risk Assessments, Safety Audits, Incident Investigations, Problem-Solving, Care Quality Compliance Audits and Reviews, Recommendations, and Implementation etc.

Accredited & Recognised

We are accredited by many organisations to offer quality training courses that are nationally accredited or recognised. Our courses will ensure that you meet the requirements and standards of the Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health Officers, the Care Quality Commission, Skills for Care, Skills for Health and the National Occupational Standards. Courses delivered by Guardian Angels Training are tailored specifically to your organisation.

Contact Guardian Angels Training if you require advice, a tailored solution, or help regarding your training needs.