Care Quality Consultancy

Care Quality Consultancy

The Care Quality CQC Consultant services provided by Guardian Angels Training are specifically intended for Registered Care Providers and Registered Managers. Our care quality consultancy services are designed to guarantee the safety of the patients under your care. For example, if you manage or own a Care Home then you will want to guarantee that your team can professionally manage any situation they might face. In addition to this, you need to be able to ensure absolute compliance with the required legislation associated with patient care. 

21st Century Care Providers and Registered Managers are fraught with difficulties due to frequent regulatory and practice changes. In order to ensure compliance to legislation it is therefore sensible to consult with care quality experts. Our care consultancy services are delivered by a highly experienced and professional Care Quality Consultant team here at Guardian Angels Training. 

Our most popular CQC Consultancy services include independent auditing, professional guidance, turn-around services, risk assessments, and comprehensive crisis management. Comprehensive crisis management includes both action planning and implementation to ensure CQC compliance and the provision of quality compassionate care. 

Our care quality consultants are able to offer services in 8 main areas. Below we outline these services, detailing how our CQC Consultants can help you, your organisation, residents under your care (service users, customers) and your team.

1. Care Provider / Care Home Compliance Audits

Regulation 10 imposes a duty on all care providers and care homes to undertake regular audits. Our qualified and experienced CQC Consultancy team will produce an independent audit report. This report will help you as a registered provider to become aware of your strengths and limitations in regards to regulatory compliance. Through this, we provide peace of mind to our clients, offering vital regular audits to ensure you meet the regulations set out for care providers and care homes.

2. CQC Inspections and Enforcement

We provide expert support for CQC inspections and enforcement. Whether you require support pre, during or post a CQC inspection or enforcement action we can help. Our qualified CQC Consultancy team will ensure that you are always ready to undergo any CQC inspections and will provide the recommendations and support required to rectify any shortfalls that do occur.

3. Regulatory Support

Our expert team is on hand to support and guide you through the Care Quality Commission regulations and standards. We understand that it is extremely difficult to not only concentrate on day-to-day management issues but to also ensure you are entirely up-to-date with the changes to the law or care practice. We offer informative, up to date and relevant training, support and direction in this key area thus helpling to make sure that care quality does not deteriorate.

4. Care Provider / Care Home Management Consultancy

Our expert team, located within the Care Quality Consultant department, have years of experience and competence in relation to care providers and care home management. This expertise has been built by working within the care sector at senior levels, including registered managers and previous regulatory care inspectors. This allows care providers to constantly benefit from our specific knowledge in this area. If you manage or run a care home or provision, it therefore makes sense to utilise one of our experienced and highly qualified CQC Consultants to act as a single point of contact for all issues affecting your service.

5. Crisis Management / CQC Turn Around Service

Should you find yourself in need of management during times of crisis, our experienced and qualified team of Registered Managers are able to step in and manage your care provision or care home. From compliance to recruitment and finance to marketing, we can be of assistance. When faced with a crisis, whether this occurs as a result of a CQC inspection, regulatory enforcement action, or the resignation of your registered manager, we are on hand to help. Our team of experts are able to offer comprehensive support through difficult times, with years of experience in crisis management and turn around issues. 

6. Expert witness for care homes

Unfortunately healthcare is often open to criticism and does have the ability to affect lives for the worse. Due to this difficult situations can often occur. In situations such as these, the need for an expert witness in legal proceedings may arise. This is where we can assist. Our experienced Care Consultancy team is built on success, experience and sought after qualifications. This allows us to provide credible individuals to meet any expert witness needs for care homes, registered managers, their residents (service users, customers) or employees.

7. Reviews

Our specialist and independent reviews include reviewing internal policies and procedures to ensure they are compliant with best practice, current care regulations and are appropriate for your care organisation. Another often fundamental weakness during CQC inspections is medication management. We review your internal policies, procedures and processes to make sure they are fit for purpose, compliant with the regulations and safeguard those involved in medication management. We also look at internal assessments for care planning, to ensure they are in-line with current person centred care planning requirements, demonstrate due-diligence, and are updated and compliant with CQC regulations, standards and the Data Protection Act. Finally, we review documentation on the needs of your residents (service users/customers) to confirm whether all needs are being appropriately recorded and met.

8. Human Resources

Our experienced team can assist with any human resource requirement of your care home. This includes anything from supporting an induction for new and developing managers, to providing employment law guidance. Should you require, we also have years of experience in assisting with disciplinary or guidance investigations, interviews, independent recommendations, dismissals, and finding the suitable temporary or permanent replacement.

Our Care Quality Commission Consultancy team here at Guardian Angels Training appreciate how important it is to the reputation and success of any care provider / care home to be fully compliant with current regulatory requirements, whilst also delivering high quality and compassionate care and support. We can offer the invaluable level of service required to ensure you fulfil these requirements, without care quality being negatively impacted. Ultimately we look to aid the success of your business, instilling positive messages to all within your business to keep the well-being of all residents (service users, customers) constantly at the forefront of their minds. Don’t delay - to find out how the Care Quality CQC Consultancy team at Guardian Angels Training can help, simply call 0844 870 4237 or email