Award Or Certificate In Equality And Diversity Rqf Qcf Level 2

Who is it for ?

This distance learning Equality and Diversity training course is designed for anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge of the issues and anti-discrimination laws that relate to equality and diversity. The Level 2 RQF (QCF) qualifications, either at Award or Certificate level in Equality and Diversity, are ideal to support continuous professional development for people who work within the health and social care sector. However, the underlying principles of the programme are applicable to all walks of life exploring diversity issues that are relevant at school, college, work, and in social situations making this Equality and Diversity training course suitable for a wide range of learners.

Course Outline

The aim of the distance learning equality and diversity training course is to give learners an introduction to the issues around stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. It will also help them to identify the basic rights that all people should enjoy and the shared values people have, whilst examining the responsibility each person and organisation has in ensuring that barriers to participation in society are removed.

Course Content

The Award or Certificate in Equality and Diversity training course comprises four units: Section A:

  • Unit 01: Exploring equality and diversity (Credit value: 8) (A/601/1907)
  • Unit 02: Exploring how people‚Äôs rights and responsibilities are protected at work (Credit value: 8) (F/601/0198)

Section B:

  • Unit 03: Working or learning in a place that promotes diversity (Credit value: 5) (T/601/0201)
  • Unit 04: Living in diverse communities (Credit value: 5) (F/601/0203)

To be awarded the Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity (RQF (QCF)) learners are required to complete one unit from Section A.

To be successfully awarded the Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity (RQF (QCF)), learners must complete one unit from Section A and one unit from Section B.

Course delivery and assessment

Learners will be provided with the course materials for their chosen Equality and Diversity training qualification and will be required to work through a series of tasks and activities. Both the Level 2 Award and Certificate in Equality and Diversity are internally assessed, with the candidate producing an externally moderated portfolio of work that covers all learning outcomes to successfully be awarded the Level 2 Award and Certificate in Equality and Diversity (RQF (QCF)) .

Progression Opportunities

By undertaking the Award or Certificate candidates will be able to demonstrate continuous professional development, comply with CQC requirements and progress on to further health and social care training.

Study Options

If you wish to enrol on this accredited Equality and Diversity Training Course then please contact us. Upon payment of the course fees you will be sent a study pack which provides all you need to complete your studies:

  • Study-guide
  • Comprehensive study notes for each element of the course
  • Self-assessment activities
  • Assignments
  • Tutor support information
  • Assignment marking & feedback
  • Certification