Challenging Behaviour

Course Description

For healthcare workers on the front-line, our Managing Challenging Behaviour Training Course delivers invaluable skills. Working directly with patients / service users can be unpredictable at the best of times, frequently leading workers into situations they may not be comfortable with or able to handle appropriately. Our course covers a multitude of essential teachings, ranging from how to predict and prevent challenging behaviour to predicting difficult scenarios and how to avoid repeat occurrences following any given incidents.

Successful delegates will leave with the newfound skills and confidence to:

  • Predict when and where challenging behaviour may occur
  • Be prepared and expect the unexpected
  • Prevent challenging and unpredictable behaviour where possible
  • Deliver care of the highest standard to patients even when faced with highly challenging behaviour

This course focuses on a Non-Physical Intervention model and does not cover any physical restraint or interventional training. Other Guardian Angels Training courses are available which cover Physical Interventions, Care and Control and Physical Restraint training in comprehensive detail – please give the team a call to find out more.


6 hours


  • Challenging behaviour contrasted with violent or aggressive behaviour
  • Types of challenging behaviour
  • Reasons for challenging behaviours
  • Potential triggers
  • Recognising escalation (including in self)
  • Distraction methods
  • De-escalation methods
  • Post episode remorse
  • Post episode
  • Encouraging positive behaviours
  • Case study
  • Summary and evaluation

Delivery will be tailored to appropriately suit child, adult, learning disability, or mental health settings.

Please call or email for further details.