Clinical Risk Assessment

Course Description

A good understanding of clinical risk assessment is useful for anyone working in a health and social care environment, regardless of their specific level of authority or responsibility. Being able to identify a potential hazard at the earliest possible opportunity is the single most important skill in risk and incident-prevention, which in turn better facilitates appropriately professional patient care.

Our Clinical Risk Assessment Training Course covers the most important teachings in accordance with healthcare environments and social care settings. Course content includes the basic fundamentals of why risk assessment matters, how any risks should be evaluated and recorded and ultimately how health and safety in the workplace can and should be every worker’s responsibility.

Essential health and safety legislation is covered in order to ensure delegates are able to implement their new skills in accordance with strict regulatory guidelines, while successful delegates will be presented with an invaluable and recognised certificate of course completion.


6 hours


  • Relevant Legislation
  • Aims and objectives of a risk assessment
  • Stages of risk assessment
  • “Suitable and sufficient”
  • Risk weighting
  • Controlling risk
  • Risk assessment recording
  • Implementation
  • Monitor and review
  • Summary and evaluation

Assessment & Certification

Our Clinical Risk Assessment training course can be externally accredited by HABC and be awarded with the Level 3 Award in Risk Assessment (RQF (QCF)).

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