Communication Skills

Course Description

Above and beyond most hard skills and qualifications, little matters more in the workplace than solid communication skills. This is perhaps nowhere truer than in health and social care professions where good communication paves the way for outstanding healthcare, though is also of the utmost importance in largely every professional environment in the UK. Communication incorporates so much more than the simple spoken word – everything from body language to facial expressions and right through to silence itself mean something very specific and important. With stellar communication skills, professionalism and outstanding results follow naturally.

Our Communication Skills Training course brings to life a world of theory, having been built largely around interactive practical teaching methods. Entertaining and engaging, the various forms of communication are brought to life right before the eyes of the delegates while professional trainers help those in attendance to better understand their own communication styles and traits.

Course Content

  • Expectation and managing expectation
  • Specific considerations for care sector
  • Forms of communication
  • Improving communication
  • Examples of good communicators (leaders vs. dictators)
  • Body language
  • The communication cycle
  • Identifying barriers
  • Using questions effectively
  • Reports and records
  • Jargon
  • Summary and evaluation


3 – 6 hours

Our courses are fully flexible and can be tailored in accordance with the needs of your business and your delegates – get in touch with the team today for more information.