Emergency Response Training for Care Homes


Course Overview: 

Our "Emergency Response Refresher for Care Homes" course is specifically tailored for care and support workers, healthcare professionals, and staff operating within care home settings. It provides updated knowledge and practical skills necessary for effectively handling medical emergencies. 

This course focuses on emergency protocols, first aid techniques, communication strategies, and coordination efforts vital for ensuring the safety and well-being of care home residents. 

For anyone looking to begin a career in care, or in any healthcare profession, this course provides essential training. 


Course Duration: 

 6 hours 


Course Content: 

  • Ensuring Scene Safety
  • Conducting Casualty Assessment
  • Performing a Primary Survey
  • Applying the Recovery Position
  • Implementing Resuscitation Techniques
  • Maintaining Hygiene Control


Course Objectives: 


During our course, participants will:

Review Emergency Protocols: Refresh their understanding of care home emergency medical procedures and protocols. 

Enhance Communication Skills: Emphasise the importance of clear and concise communication during emergencies to facilitate seamless coordination among care home staff, residents, and external responders. 

First Aid Skills: Update their first aid skills and knowledge of basic medical assistance techniques, enabling them to provide immediate care to residents before professional help arrives. 

Special Needs Consideration: Address the unique needs of care home residents during emergencies, including individuals with disabilities, cognitive impairments, or specific medical conditions. 

Crisis Management: Learn effective crisis management techniques, including stress and anxiety management for both residents and staff, to maintain a sense of calm and order during high-stress situations. 

Hazard Recognition: Understand potential hazards within the care home environment and acquire skills to identify and mitigate common risks that could lead to emergencies. 

Team Collaboration: Develop the ability to work efficiently as a team, delegate responsibilities, and make informed decisions under pressure during emergencies. 

Regulatory Compliance: Stay up to date with relevant regulations and standards related to emergency preparedness and response in care home settings. 

Scenario-based Training: Engage in practical exercises and simulated scenarios to apply knowledge and skills in realistic emergency situations, thereby boosting confidence and readiness. 


Course Assessment: 

 Participant proficiency will be assessed through: 

  • Quizzes and assessments to measure theoretical understanding.
  • Practical evaluations of first aid techniques and emergency responses.
  • Participation in scenario-based discussions and exercises.
  • A final assessment covering key course components.


Upon Completion:

Once the assessment has been passed, the participant will be awarded a certification of achievement in "Emergency Response Refresher for Care Homes".