Immunisation And Vaccination Training


Vaccination and immunisation training is essential in helping to prevent disease. Vaccinations allow people to build up immunisation to certain diseases such as the flu. They do this by training the immune system to identify and combat specific pathogens using antibodies. All of our training courses are all delivered by practicing, specialist educators so you can be sure that  training content is up to date and in line with best practice. 

Here at Guardian Angels Training, we offer a wide variety of immunisation and vaccination training courses to suit the varying needs of care providers. Our vaccination and immunisation courses include:

  • One Day Flu Vaccine and Anaphylaxis training
  • One Day Immunisation and Vaccination Update training course
  • Two Day Childhood Immunisation and Vaccination training course
  • Two Day General Practice Immunisation and Vaccination training course
  • Two Day HCA/HSW/Assistant Practitioner Immunisation training course
  • Two Day Immunisation and Vaccines for Travel

All of our vaccination and immunisation training courses are delivered in accordance with national standards and guidelines including: Public Health England National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation training 2005/2015), the Department of Health’s Immunisation against infectious disease Green Book, RCN Supporting the delivery of Immunisation education 2015; RCN Immunisation Knowledge and Skills Competence Assessment Tool 2015.



  • National Policy, Standards, and Guidelines for Immunisation and Vaccines
  • Our immune system and how vaccines work
  • Preventable diseases and the effectiveness of immunisations
  • Available vaccines and their pharmacological background
  • The use of prescriptions; patient-specific directions (PSD) and patient group directions (PGD)
  • Legal, ethical, moral and consensual issues relating to immunisation and vaccines
  • Contraindications, adverse reactions, and anaphylaxis within an immunisation setting
  • Safe management of immunisations (storage, handling, and administration of vaccines)
  • Communication during the immunisation consultation
  • Defensible documentation and record keeping
  • Immunisation risk assessments and at-risk groups
  • Health promotion
  • General health and vaccine screening

Please note we do not offer these courses on an open course basis. All of our Immunisation and Vaccination training courses are delivered onsite to organisations. This delivery model allows us to deliver fully bespoke training content on our vaccination and immunisation courses, perfectly suited to the specific needs of your organisation.

We are also able to provide the necessary competency proformas required to ensure safe and evidenced-based clinical practice following completion of our Vaccination and Immunisation training courses. This will then allow the Registered Provider to ensure mandatory competency assessments are completed within the workplace by a nominated mentor/supervisor. If you need further advice regarding competency assessments or if you would like one of our Registered Nurse Trainers to provide onsite competency assessments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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