Managing Challenging Behaviour

Course Description

Our Managing Challenging Behaviour course is for staff members who may come into contact with patients, service users, or customers who present behaviours which challenge. Behaviour is described as challenging if it puts the individual, carer or those around them at risk for any reason. This could include both physical and psychological risk from behaviours such as violence, aggression, disruptiveness and more.

The Managing Challenging Behaviour course has been designed to ensure that delegates not only learn why such challenging behaviours may arise (what the individual is trying to communicate with said behaviours), but also how to manage, distract, de-escalate, and seek to minimise repeated episodes. Delivered by expert educators, the course helps to keep both staff and service users safe, ensuring procedures are in line with current best practice related to the management of challenging behaviours.

In addition to this, we are able to offer fully bespoke training solutions specifically suited to the needs of your organisation and the needs of your service users.


3 to 6 hours 

The Managing Challenging Behaviour course lasts approximately 3-6 hours depending upon your local training needs analysis and your Challenging Behaviour risk assessment.


Our Managing Challenging Behaviour training course will ensure that staff members are equipped with the ability to:

  • Assess the potential for challenging behaviour
  • Understand the need to be prepared for challenging behaviour at all times
  • Prevent confused, challenging and unpredictable behaviour
  • Deliver high quality, person-centred care to the most challenging patients, service users or customers

Our delivery of the Managing Challenging Behaviour training course is tailored to appropriately suit either the; child, adult, learning disability, or mental health setting and will be assessed on an organisational basis.

The Managing Challenging Behaviour course will ensure that you meet safeguarding requirements for the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees, patients, service users and visitors, whilst also ensuring that you meet the current legal requirements for health and social care practice and training.

We have successfully delivered our Managing Challenging Behaviour training course to statutory and private care providers, voluntary organisations and people working in the community throughout the UK. To discuss your local training requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please note: Our Managing Challenging Behaviour course is based around a non-physical intervention training model. Should your local training needs analysis and risk assessment for specific challenging behaviour require physical intervention training such as Care and Control, Disengagement, Physical Interventions, or Physical Restraint, then please contact us for more information or search our website for related courses.

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