Physical Intervention And Physical Restraint Training

Physical restraint or intervention is often necessary in a variety of cases. For example, some patients within healthcare settings suffer from a variety of conditions which may cause them to display challenging behaviours. Behaviours in which restraint or intervention may be required include violence, aggression and self harm.

Both physical restraint training and physical intervention training programmes are designed to reduce the associated risks of intervention and restraint, enhancing the safety of all those concerned. In order to aid you in this, we offer a number of physical restraint and physical intervention course options, bespoke to your requirements. Whilst we are able to fully-bespoke all of our course depending on your organisational needs, some example courses include:

Safe Caring

The Safe Caring course is rooted in conflict resolution and has been designed for lower-risk environments. The course is delivered over 1 day and includes:

  • Challenging Behaviour and Conflict
  • Non-physical De-escalation Strategies
  • Risk Assessment and Minimisation
  • Safe Approach
  • Safe Interaction, Prompting and Guiding
  • Lawful Decision-Making and Duty of Care
  • Physical Skill Development to include last resort “Breakaway” techniques

Care and Control

Designed for medium risk environments, the Care and Control course focuses on disengagement and physical intervention. Delivered over 2 days the course includes:

  • All of the syllabus from our Safe Caring training course
  • Non-Harmful Methods of Control, Prompting, Escorting Skills
  • Sector-specific training needs (ASD, Dementia, Brain Injury, EBD)
  • Specific person procedures (for your patients, service users, or clients)
  • Teamwork development
  • Physical Skill Development and Competence-based on your local needs analysis and risk assessment
  • Safe techniques that do not initiate or incorporate pain or punishment tools

Physical Intervention and Restraint

This physical restraint training course is designed for those operating in high-risk environments, is delivered over 3 to 5 days (depending upon your local risk assessment and requirements) and includes:

  • All of the course content from our Safe Caring and Care and Control training courses
  • Restrictive Interventions for Protection, Holding and Control
  • Comprehensive Physical Skill Development and Competence for Managing Violence and Aggression

For more information on any of our courses, or to discuss the specific requirements of your organisation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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