Pressure Area Care

Course Description

When excessive or prolonged pressure or friction damages an area of the skin beneath the surface, pressure ulcers are formed. An extremely common and often very painful affliction, it is in fact entirely possible to prevent most pressure sores from appearing in the first place with the appropriate preventative measures.

Our Pressure Area Care focuses on the various ways and means by which ulcers can be prevented outright and effectively treated where such sores occur. Delegates are guided through the subject from the very simplest level, making the course ideal for those with little or no existing knowledge of pressure sores.


3 hours


  • Anatomy and skin function
  • Pressure ulcers defined
  • Risk assessment tools
  • How ulcers form
  • Prevention and management
  • Recognising change
  • Treatment and interventions
  • Pressure relieving or redistributing devices
  • Summary and evaluation

Pressure Ulcers (also referred to as pressure sore, or damage) has devastating effects and suffering on the patient / service user, their family and care workers; not to mention the additional costs of treatment and management of. To prevent this, members of the care workforce need accurate and evidence based training that will make a difference to their practice. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your training needs.