Reporting And Record Writing

Course Description

All individuals working within health and social care settings are required to both understand and be competent in the discipline of accurate, consistent and defensible reporting and record writing. When records are either incomplete, missing or in any way inaccurate, the consequences for any number of individuals or the business as a whole could be dire.

Our Defensible Documentation, Reporting and Record Writing Training course focuses on not only the mechanics of accurate report writing, but why it is of such importance. By instilling a sense of urgency when it comes to writing and maintaining accurate reports, workers will naturally fall into safer, better working habits for the long term.

Course Content

  • Reporting and recording – key principles
  • Embracing the need for records vs. time allocated to care
  • Why and what to report and record
  • Defining records used within a care setting
  • Presenting information
  • How to report and record
  • Who are the records for?
  • Confidentiality
  • “Keeping it safe”
  • Accountability
  • Legislation
  • Maintaining records
  • Summary and evaluation


3 hours

Following any serious review or investigation it is often found that the documentation and record keeping skills for the care provider and their staff was poor. This Defensible Documentation, Reporting and Record Writing Training course is both engaging and informative, delegates will leave with instilled messages concerning defensible best practice. Please contact us to discuss any of your training needs.