Stroke Awareness Training

Course Description

A stroke has the power to detrimentally affect an individual’s life in the most horrific of ways, or in some cases could prove fatal. The earlier a stroke is detected and addressed by a medical professional, the better the chance of the individual concerned retaining their mental and physical strength.

Our Stroke Awareness Training course has been designed to communicate the most important teachings of all on the subject of stroke causes, effects, risk factors, symptoms and prognosis. Ideally suited to anyone working in a health and social care environment, the course instils the basic skills and knowledge required to identify and respond appropriately at the first sign of stroke.


3 hours


  • What is a stroke?
  • Types
  • Common symptoms
  • The Face, Arms, Speech Test (FAST)
  • Mini strokes
  • Risk factors
  • Post-stroke effects
  • Sense of loss restoration of function and treatment
  • Communication
  • Treatment and medication
  • Approach to care
  • Summary and evaluation

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