Wound Care

Course Description

The Wound Care training course has been designed around the day to day duties of health and social care workers who may come into contact with any number of minor to moderate wounds during their normal working practices. This course is ideally suited to those with at least a basic level of knowledge in the subject of wound care. The syllabus is however comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics relevant to wound care training including wound types, legal matters surrounding wound care, recording of treatment, healing stages and more.

We are able to assess the service requirements of your organisation and patients to create a bespoke training solution for your team. The course will be delivered by one of our experienced healthcare educators, with expert knowledge in the field of wound care. This ensures that all information given is up to date and in line with current best practices. 


3 – 6 hours

The Wound Care training course lasts between 3 and 6 hours depending on the needs and requirements of your organisation.


  • Subject knowledge assessment
  • Professional, legal and ethical issues of wound management
  • Wound etiology
  • Wound types
  • Wound phases and healing
  • Factors affecting healing
  • Dressing types and selection
  • Summary and evaluation

For delegates looking for a more in-depth wound care training solution, we are able to extend the course’s duration up to 3 days in order to make time for more advanced elements to be introduced. Advanced elements include topics such as Leg Ulcer Assessment, Leg Ulcer Management, Diabetic Foot Ulcers, and other Chronic Wounds. You may also be interested in some of our other courses such as Pressure Area Care. This represents an excellent starting point for those wishing to then expand their learning alongside this Wound Care training program.

We will provide the necessary competency proformas required to ensure safe and evidenced-based clinical practice following completion of the Wound Care training course. This will then allow the Registered Provider to ensure mandatory competency assessments are completed within the workplace by a nominated mentor/supervisor.

If you need further advice regarding competency assessments, or if you would like one our Registered Nurse Trainers to provide onsite competency assessments, please do hesitate to contact us.

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