Why is "complex care training" unhelpful terminology?

21st February 2024


"Complex care training" is considered unhelpful terminology because it is somewhat vague and doesn't convey a clear understanding of what it involves. It lacks specificity and can be interpreted in various ways by different people.


Here are a few reasons why it might be considered inadequate:

  • Lack of Clarity: The term "complex care" doesn't explicitly define the nature or specifics of the training. It could refer to a wide range of skills or techniques without detailing what those skills are.
  • Ambiguity: Without context or further explanation, it's unclear what aspect of care is being addressed - whether it's medical, psychological, social, or something else entirely.
  • Professional Jargon: It is jargon with a different understanding to different people. Using technical language without explanation can create a barrier for those unfamiliar with the terminology.
  • Misinterpretation: People might interpret "complex care" differently, assuming it relates to different aspects of caregiving or healthcare, leading to confusion or mismatched expectations.


Here is how we can improve understanding:

To improve this terminology, being more specific and descriptive could be helpful. For instance, instead of using "complex care training," one could describe the particular skills, techniques, or areas of expertise being taught or learned. This clarity helps in conveying the exact nature and scope of the training.


Here is a useful overview of the most commonly encountered skills when considering "complex care" in healthcare: https://www.guardianangelstraining.co.uk/courses/complex-care-training.