Clinical Observations

Course Description

Finely honed clinical observation skills are of paramount importance for most healthcare workers in direct contact with patients (service users). Determining the correct course of action or treatment in accordance with a patient’s current circumstance is an evidence-based practical skill of extraordinary value.

This course focuses specifically on how to observe both conscious and unconscious patients on a clinical level in order to determine when and where any given action must be taken. From casual ward observations to more intensive and demanding patient supervisory roles, delegates are nurtured in their building of a crucially important skills set.


6 hours


  • Why make clinical observations?
  • Universal precautions
  • Patient / Service user identification and consent
  • Physical and Physiological observations
  • Vital signs – temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, oxygen saturation etc.
  • Specimens – urinalysis, blood glucose monitoring
  • Clinical Observation indicators and Early Warning Scores
  • The unconscious patient / service user
  • Records and defensible documentation
  • Actions to take for out of range clinical observations
  • Summary and evaluation

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