Equality And Cultural Diversity

Course Description

As it stands, no industry sector in the UK is more culturally diverse in terms of its client base than that of Health and Social Care. For this reason, anyone looking to either get ahead in the industry or become the very best employee they can be really should consider Equality and Diversity an absolute must. For the sake of fairness, understanding and above all else equality, it’s the kind of course largely every modern worker should be taking.

The purpose of our Equality and Diversity course is to build a sense of proactivity and unity within the workplace. It is only possible for a workforce to reach optimum efficiency if it comes together as a single ‘bonded’ unit – something that cannot happen where prejudice and/or ignorance exists. By exploring the kinds of cultural differences between people that should be both embraced and celebrated, it becomes possible to gel the workforce together in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

Our Equality and Diversity courses help delegates to:

  • Better understand important concepts like equal opportunities, diversity and discrimination and the effects they have in a professional setting
  • Learn about the damaging effects of scapegoating and stereotyping
  • Discover the most important and relevant entries of the Equality Act 2010
  • Understand how discrimination and control are closely interlinked
  • Think about differences in personality, religion, beliefs, values, morals and general ways of behaving
  • Understand how diversity can benefit any workforce enormously

Course Content

  • Relevant legal framework of Equality and Diversity
  • Equality defined
  • Diversity defined
  • Discrimination and attitudes to difference
  • Values
  • Language issues
  • Embracing vs. accepting
  • Key areas to expect differences
  • No two people are the same
  • Recruitment, selection, and remuneration
  • Monitoring for success
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Summary and evaluation


3 – 6 hours

Our courses are extremely flexible and we’d be delighted to tailor our offerings in accordance with your business – please get in touch with us today to further discuss your needs.

Accreditation Available

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