Managing Behaviours That Challenge Train The Trainer Course

Challenging behaviour is an everyday reality in many businesses and sectors – knowing how to approach and handle such behaviour represents a rare and valuable skill. This uniquely capable course from Guardian Angels Training goes far beyond the basics to instil candidates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to run their own challenging behaviour training sessions in-house.

Candidates have the option of taking this Managing Behaviours That Challenge Train the Trainer Course on its own, or in conjunction with our nationally accredited Level 3 or Level 4 Award in Education and Training. In both instances, the knowledge and experience gained can be of infinite value across the vast majority of working environments and settings.

Course Description

Managing Behaviours That Challenge Train the Trainer Course teaches the most important lessons on the subject of challenging behaviour, while at the same time training the candidate to become an effective and confident trainer.

Future Course Dates

Guardian Angels Training offers in-house group session for four to 12 delegates at a time, which can be organised for most dates throughout the year and at any specified location across the UK.

For individual delegates or smaller groups, our open courses take place on set dates throughout the year at a variety of training centres. For more information, please get in touch with our dedicated team today.

Course Content

The syllabus includes:

  • The Airport Exercise
  • What is Challenging behaviour and why it sometimes happens
  • Who can present with challenging behaviour
  • Types of challenging behaviour and possible reasons
  • Communication strategies
  • The communication chain
  • How memory works
  • The relationship between person centred care and managing behaviours that challenge
  • Strategies for managing behaviours that challenge
  • Issues connected with: Food, Medication, Confabulation, Sleep, Wandering, Aggression, Depression
  • Risk assessment
  • The environment
  • What is violence?
  • Staff behaviours and attitudes
  • Prediction and Prevention
  • Emergency plans
  • Recording and Reporting and what to do after an incident
  • Use of Restraint

Aimed at

While primarily aimed as those working in or looking to work in environments where challenging behaviour is a common, everyday occurrence (nursing homes, learning disability groups etc.) it can also be of enormous benefit for any worker who comes into contact with the public on a regular basis.

Assessment and Award

A Level 4 Train the Trainer in Behaviours that Challenge and a Level 3 or 4 Award in Education and Training will be awarded to successful candidates upon completion of the course, having demonstrated not only a deeper awareness of the subject itself, but also the skills and confidence necessary to pass the teachings on to others.


Two Days if already a skilled Trainer. Four Days if require a nationally recognised Level 3 Award in Education and Training


Charges are dependent on the number of candidates, and travel distance, therefore, please contact us for a specific training proposal and quote.