Person Centred Planning

Course Description

Workers in health and social care settings need a wide variety of specialist skills and teachings in order to reach their full potential. For those working in learning disability settings, person centred planning plays a role of key importance in looking after the best interests of patients and generally contributing to a more effective and efficient working environment.

Our Person Centred Planning course helps communicate both the fundamentals and the importance of PCP for anyone working in a learning disability setting, covering the use of important tools like MAPS and PATH along with the ethos that forms the basis of PCP as a principle.


6 hours


  • PCP defined
  • The ethos behind PCP – social inclusion and empowerment
  • Values, beliefs, desires
  • The role of support staff, friends and family
  • MAPS and facilitation
  • PATH and facilitation
  • Portfolios
  • Essential lifestyle planning / one page profiles
  • Commitments to action / preparation for change
  • Access to PCP tools
  • Further information on PCP
  • Summary and evaluation

If you require a training course that will ensure your workforce has the necessary person centred planning skills then contact us without delay.