Supporting People With Alcohol And Substance Abuse

Course Description

This one-day training programme enables delegates to manage the welfare, safeguarding, support and enablement of people with alcohol and substance use, abuse and dependency issues. The signs of substance abuse are identified within this training course, alongside the methods of developing appropriate interpersonal communication skills, and what to do in a crisis.

Delegates will enjoy this stimulating and interactive training course that includes an opportunity for individuals to share from their own experiences.


One Day


  • Domestics/Ground Rules/Aims and Objectives/Introductions
  • Self- confidence and feeling ‘at home’
  • Relaxation – confidence – communication
  • What winds you up?
  • Coping strategies
  • Recognizing signs and signals of alcohol/substance abuse
  • Crossing the line – Difficulties, dangers and dependency
  • Consequences for others
  • Isolation
  • Pro-active approaches
  • Interactional styles
  • Re-active strategies
  • Labelling
  • Managing a behavioural crisis
  • Cause for concern? – Card exercise
  • DVD – Social determinants of health
  • Signposting to specialist agencies
  • Summary