Care Certificate - Cost Effective Training Options

13th March 2015

Is your organisation prepared for new regulatory requirements?

As a professional working in the health and social care sector, you are no doubt aware that new regulatory requirements will apply to your industry from April 2015. The Care Certificate has been developed to meet the requirements set out in the Cavendish Review and replaces the Common Induction Standards and the National Minimum Training Standards. Employers are required to use the Care Certificate framework to train, and develop new care workers from April 2015.

Guardian Angels Training can help you prepare your organisation for the introduction of the Care Certificate by offering a range of solutions that help your workforce understand their legal responsibilities, improve quality and help you save money.

Mandatory Induction Package: Our face-to-face training programme is the most efficient way for your workforce to complete the 15 mandatory care subjects, removing repetition and saving you money.

Funded Care Certificate courses: Eligible care providers can claim £300 from the Workforce Development Fund to cover the costs associated with the Care Certificate. If you choose a training provider like ourselves we can ensure the mapping of the Care Certificate to fundable qualifications.

Competent Assessor Training: Our Competent Assessor training course is aimed at giving managers, supervisors and in-house trainers the knowledge, understanding and skill to perform the new role of Competent Assessor.

Care Certificate e-learning: We have worked in partnership with a national awarding body to develop and offer a fully auditable and branded learning management solution covering the complete Care Certificate. New care workers can complete all the 15 mandatory care subjects using a blended approach of e-learning and practical assessment.

Further information and Frequently asked questions: We have put together a "Frequently Asked Question and Answer" resource on our website. Please click here if you require further information about the new regulatory requirements in force from April 2015.

Alternatively... Simply Call Us on 0844 870 4237 to find out how Guardian Angels Training can help you prepare your organisation for the launch of the Care Certificate in the most efficient and cost-effective way.