Health And Safety In The Workplace Level 3 Rqf Qcf


The British Government’s stance on health and safety in the workplace is clear – there’s simply no such thing as being too safe. All employees at all levels play a role in basic health and safety, but it will always be the supervisors and managers within the ranks that have the highest level of responsibility of all. In such cases, it’s simply not enough to just cover the bases and ‘tick’ the right boxes to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Instead, what’s needed is a genuinely higher level of knowledge and understanding of health and safety to mirror the individual’s higher position. No manager or supervisor can expect a workforce to perform safely and responsibly if they themselves are not willing to lead by example – this is only possible with the right skills and knowledge afforded by professional training.

We offer multi-level Health and Safety in the Workplace courses for all industries and sectors across the board – all courses are tailored and refined in according with the specifics of the business. At Level 3, the basics are once again taken to a higher level in order to enable supervisory workers to better manage and monitor health and safety standards, while at the same time passing their wide-ranging knowledge on to other employees.

All of our Health and Safety Qualifications are full recognised by the UK’s most prominent regulatory bodies, including the Health and Safety Executive.


Managers and supervisors alike are required by law to play a deep and consistent role in looking after the health, safety and general wellbeing of their employees. Our Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 3 training course was built with exactly this level of responsibility in mind and offers advanced-level teachings accordingly.

Outline of Course Programme

  • Concept of health and safety
  • Accidents in the workplace
  • Ill health in the workplace
  • Legal provisions (UK only)
  • Health and safety organisation and management
  • Supervising health and safety

Designed For

Supervisors, owners, team leaders or managers responsible for health and safety.

Course Duration

Three day programme

Assessment Method

Multiple Choice Questionnaires


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OFQUAL Accredited

Successful candidates graduate with the Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace RQF (QCF).