Medical Emergencies And Bls

Course Description

In any medical working environment, each and every member of the staff should be trained in the fundamental basics of tending to emergencies and offering life support. The very nature of the medical sector as a whole is such that emergencies are much more likely to manifest on a regular basis – simple skills and the confidence that accompanies them can make the difference between life and death.

Built in accordance with British Resuscitation Council and BDA Guidelines, this course offers rudimentary training for Medical Emergencies and Basic Life Support for GP’s, Dentists and Health Centres. Designed to instil the most important life-saving skills in every employee working in such an environment, the course goes one step further than standard first aid for those already working in (or planning to work in) medical environments.

As it can be challenging to fit training sessions in around an already hectic schedule, we offer the highest level of flexibility and can organise sessions at weekends or during evenings for no extra cost.


Three or Six Hours (if additional AED training is required).


The course covers an array of essential skills and teachings, including:

  • CPR
  • Choking
  • Management of acute anaphylaxis
  • Use of Emergency Equipment (oxygen, airway adjuncts and drugs)
  • Cardiac Arrest Rhythms
  • Use of the AED (if the surgery has one)
  • Recognising and responding to asthma, diabetes, fainting, epilepsy, and myocardial infarction
  • Assessment & Certification

Delegates will be assessed throughout the course by the instructor, who will be keeping a close eye on performance and competence. Certificates will only be issued to those individuals the instructor believes have fully demonstrated the necessary skills and abilities.