Promoting Best Practice in Venepuncture Instruction Training Course


Course Overview:

The "Promoting Best Practice in Venepuncture Instruction" course is meticulously designed to provide healthcare professionals with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in performing venepuncture procedures. This course focuses on equipping participants with evidence-based techniques, infection prevention measures, patient-centered communication, and inclusive teaching and learning competencies to ensure safe and effective venepuncture practices. By emphasising best practices, this course aims to enhance the quality of venepuncture procedures and patient care.


Course Duration:

  • 1 day (9 Hours)


Course Objectives:

  • Comprehend Venepuncture Fundamentals: Understand the importance of venepuncture in healthcare, the anatomy of veins, and the significance of best practices.
  • Master Instructional Techniques: Develop instructional skills to effectively teach venepuncture techniques, ensuring proper positioning, insertion, and blood collection.
  • Prioritise Patient Comfort: Learn strategies to minimise patient anxiety, reduce pain, and ensure patient comfort during the procedure.
  • Promote Infection Control: Teach infection control measures to prevent complications and maintain a safe environment during venepuncture.
  • Provide Constructive Feedback: Acquire skills in assessing learners' performance and providing constructive feedback for skill improvement.
  • Create a Supportive Learning Environment: Understand how to create a positive and supportive learning environment to enhance the learning experience for participants.


Course Assessment:

Participant proficiency will be assessed through:

  • Quizzes and assignments measuring theoretical understanding.
  • Practical assessments of venepuncture techniques and infection control measures.
  • Participation in case discussions and scenario-based exercises.
  • A final assessment covering all aspects of venepuncture instruction.