Phlebotomy Training/Venepuncture Training

Course Description

Taking blood is an extremely common activity in healthcare. For employees working in health and social care environments who may be required to collect blood samples, our Phlebotomy Training/Venepuncture Training course is a genuine essential. Based on a series of practical exercises and the latest theoretical teachings, delegates are able to practice and hone their phlebotomy skills to provide better service to their patients and those under their care.

Our venepuncture/phlebotomy course encompasses a wide range of topics related to the taking of blood including the process itself, post-venepuncture/phlebotomy care, potential issues and more. Delivered by our expert healthcare educators, with extensive experience in phlebotomy and venepuncture, you can be sure that delegates will leave the course with the necessary skills and knowledge to competently carry out phlebotomy.

In order to qualify for certification, delegates will be required to undertake and record a period of on-the-job experience during which they will practice venepuncture/phlebotomy under the supervision of a competent healthcare professional.


3 hours

The Phlebotomy Training/Venepuncture Training course will last approximately 3-6 hours depending on the needs of your organisation.


  • Phlebotomy/venepuncture
  • Service user identification
  • Service user consent
  • Universal precautions
  • Site selection
  • Tourniquet procedure
  • Post venepuncture/phlebotomy care
  • Potential problems which may be encountered and solutions
  • Labelling
  • Practical venepuncture/phlebotomy instruction and practice with manikin arms
  • Assessment
  • Summary and evaluation

The course has been built to serve as an introduction to the subject of venepuncture/phlebotomy for those approaching the practice for the first time. This course is also appropriate for existing workers in need of a refresher course or for those looking for a better understanding of modern phlebotomy practices.

On completion of the Phlebotomy/Venepuncture training course, we will provide the necessary competency proformas required to ensure safe and evidence-based clinical practice. This will then allow the Registered Provider to ensure mandatory competency assessments are completed within the workplace by a nominated mentor/supervisor.

If you need further advice regarding competency assessments or if you would like our Registered Nurse Trainers to provide onsite competency assessments then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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