Level 3 Endorsed Award in Delivering Health and Social Care Training


Course Overview:

The Level 3 Endorsed Award in Delivering Health and Social Care Training (Healthcare Train the Trainer) is an extensive programme carefully designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and competencies required to excel as trainers within the healthcare sector. This course holds endorsement at Level 3, providing a well-structured educational journey for professionals aiming to enhance their ability to train others effectively in the field of health and social care services.


Course Duration:

The Level 3 Endorsed Award in Delivering Health and Social Care Training is a modular programme that can be adapted to meet the needs of organisations and individual trainers.  Typical course span 12 to 80 hours comprising of self-directed and guided learning hours. To enrich their classroom education, participants are strongly encouraged to engage in self-directed study.


Course Content:

Mandatory Unit:

  • Delivering Health and Social Care Training

Optional Units (not exhaustive list):

  • Delivering Basic Life Support Training
  • Delivering Catheter Care Training
  • Delivering Clinical Skills Training (Insulin Administration, Syringe Driver, Venepuncture, VoED, Urinary Catheterisation etc)
  • Delivering Dementia Care Training
  • Delivering Diabetes Care Training
  • Delivering Epilepsy Care Training
  • Delivering Infection Control Training
  • Delivering Medication Training
  • Delivering People Handling Training
  • Delivering Positive Behaviour Support Training
  • Delivering Stoma Care Training
  • Other subject matter optional units to meet local organisation and individual needs can be accredited/endorsed


Course Objectives:


Upon successfully completing this course, participants will:

Grasp the Fundamentals of Adult Learning and Its Application in the Healthcare Context:

Achieve an in-depth understanding of adult learning theories and principles. This knowledge empowers participants to finely tailor their teaching techniques to cater to the distinctive requirements of healthcare professionals, ensuring that their training efforts are both effective and engaging.

Develop Proficiency in Communication and Presentation Skills to Engage and Instruct Healthcare Professionals:

Cultivate the art of effective communication marked by clarity, conciseness, and empathy - vital traits for healthcare trainers. Additionally, gain expertise in structuring and delivering compelling presentations that resonate with healthcare professionals, thereby amplifying the engagement and impact of the training.

Gain Insights into the Nuances of Legal and Ethical Considerations in the Healthcare Training Landscape:

Navigate the intricate landscape of legal and ethical considerations relevant to healthcare trainers. This encompasses compliance with healthcare regulations, safeguarding patient confidentiality, and addressing ethical dilemmas that may arise during training sessions.

Craft and Execute Tailored Training Programmes that Align with Best Practices in Healthcare:

Hone the ability to conceive and deliver training programmes that are not only relevant but also impeccably aligned with contemporary healthcare best practices. This includes addressing specific healthcare challenges and incorporating the latest evidence-based methodologies.

Assess the Learning Needs of Healthcare Staff and Adapt Training Approaches Accordingly:

Discern the diversity in learning requirements among healthcare professionals and master the skill of precisely gauging these needs. Participants will become adept at adapting their training methods and content to cater to various learning styles and levels of expertise.

Evaluate Training Outcomes and Continuously Enhance the Quality of Healthcare Training Delivery:

Appreciate the pivotal role of continuous improvement in healthcare training. Participants will gain the ability to meticulously assess the effectiveness of their training programmes, collect valuable feedback from participants, and make necessary refinements to elevate the quality and impact of their training efforts.

Recognise the Vitality of Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Individuals within Healthcare Settings:

Acknowledge the paramount importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of both patients and healthcare staff. Trainers will acquire the skills to identify signs of abuse and neglect, understand reporting protocols, and actively foster a secure and supportive healthcare environment during their training sessions.


Course Assessment:

Assessment in this course includes a combination of written assignments, practical evaluations, and culminates in a final project. Successful completion of all assessments is essential to achieve the Level 3 Endorsed Award in Delivering Health and Social Care Training.