Health And Safety In The Workplace Level 4 Rqf Qcf


No responsible manager or company executive would ever overlook the importance of health and safety in the workplace. As far as the UK’s government and regulatory bodies are concerned, a direct link exists between an individual’s place in the business’ hierarchy and the level of responsibility that they have for overall workplace health and safety. Therefore for those in supervisory roles and higher, it is not enough to have simply covered the basics at the same level as everyone else – a deeper, richer and more varied understanding of health and safety is required.

Guardian Angels Training offers a uniquely capable Health and Safety in the Workplace Level 4 RQF (QCF) training course, which has been specifically tailored for supervisors, managers, executives and anyone working in a position of responsibility. Going far beyond the communication of simple health and safety rules, the course better-equips managers and supervisors who upon completion will be able to carry out their own in-house training session with a great degree of effectiveness.

The course’s content is considerably more diverse than that of lower-level courses and delivered by an experienced professional with an incredible health and safety knowledge bank. Each course is tailored in accordance with the specific nature and industry area of the business in question – we make sure your needs are met and exceeded upon every time.


For those in higher positions, knowing the principles and even the rules for a safer working environment simply isn’t enough – it’s the implementation of safer working practices that counts for everything. Cultivating a safe and efficient working environment isn’t something that just happens randomly or by chance, but must instead be carefully targeted on the back of the right kind of training and professional insights. On completing this program candidates will be able to

  • Manage health and safety in most businesses
  • Develop auditing and monitoring programs
  • Design safe practices and procedures
  • Liaise with enforcement officers
  • Identify specific legal requirements
  • Train staff and establish risk assessment projects (with additional training where necessary)
  • Deliver Level 1 and Level 2 health and safety qualifications (with appropriate training skills)

Outline of Course Programme

  • Health and safety management
  • Health and safety culture
  • Workplace and work equipment
  • Hazardous Agents
  • Legislation

Designed For

Owners, managers, supervisors and senior safety personnel

Course Duration

Five Days

Assessment Method

Two assignments and an examination


Each Guardian Angels Training course is backed by a guarantee of the lowest price on the UK market.

OFQUAL Accredited

Successful candidates are bestowed the nationally recognised and accredited advanced health and safety qualification entitled the Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace RQF (QCF).